【Touch Of Love】【英語】【2000-12】
10.Touch Of Love

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10.Touch Of Love 歌詞
Written:Ennis Matkosky/Ty Lacy Arranger:Michael Au

'Tis the season now For gifts and giving all
The love our hearts And dreams can afford
And when I think about you The hope that you've handed out
I want to give back all I have And then some more
But I'm only human I can only do so much
But all the miracles we need Is just one touch,just one touch

From me from you Helping someone who can't make it on their own

No one wants to be alone at a time like this Only joy should exist
When the world gets too much All we need, all we need is a touch of love
When hard times appear When we drown in our tears
There's faith enough to see us through Whatever rains on us
We can always trust That heaven's hand will guide us through
Yeah we're only human But we can all do so much
All the miracles we need Is just one touch
Yeah just one touch (Chorus) It took a child t touch the world
Just think what we can do Think of the miracles

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