【Touch Of Love】【英語】【2000-12】
3.This Time Next Year

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3.This Time Next Year 歌詞
Written:David Lindsey/Liz Smith Arranger:Martin Tan

Tonight you say,that I'm your only one,
You caress me tender,Until the morning comes,
The sound of your whisper,Ringin' inside my ear,
I want to hear those same sweet words next year ooh~~~
Change: So many lovers, other lovers came and gone
Makin' promises forever only till the next one comes along

So why don't you tell me,This time next year,
Will you still love me true,Or will I be losing you,
Why don't tell me,This time next year,

After all the ups and downs,Are you gonna be around,
Don't ever leave me,Don't ever go away,
Just tell me I got nothin' to fear,
Baby this time next year.

I love you so with all of my heart and soul,
Don't wanna lose you,Don't want this love so grow old,
Not much am I askin',All I want is you,
I feel you inside my heart,
With every little thing you do.

Album v1.3

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